Movie Review: The Legend Of Tarzan doesn’t give its hero enough action

There’s an air of studio tradition surrounding The Legend Of Tarzan, and not just because a revival of the Edgar Rice Burroughs character is a classic executive gambit based on the misconception that audiences hunger for all old stories to be ceaselessly retold. There is that, of course, but this Warner Bros. production also emits a certain in-house enthusiasm—a summoning of Warner-based talent to take another shot at this Tarzan business. It’s directed by once and future Harry Potter wizard David Yates, features a posthumous producer credit for Jerry Weintraub (of the Ocean’s trilogy), and is packed with stars, including Margot Robbie, who—having filmed this in between Warner productions Focus and Suicide Squad—seems like a studio favorite.

In other words, there’s a handsomeness to the enterprise—a confidence that seems to dissipate, or at least diminish, as the movie goes on. Maybe the …

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