Movie Review: The inspirational thriller Captive could have used more inspiration

There’s no doubt that the inspirational thriller Captive is based on a true story, because, as they say, you can’t make this stuff up. As Ashley Smith (Kate Mara) recounts the lows of her crystal-meth addiction at Narcotics Anonymous (it cost her custody of her young daughter), Brian Nichols (David Oyelowo), on trial for rape, breaks out of courthouse custody, killing a judge, a court reporter, and two law-enforcement officers in the process. He’s furious at a system that he feels won’t hear his side, but he’s also desperate to meet the baby son he’s just learned he has. Both Ashley and Brian, then, want to reap the joys of responsible parenting, though their demons obviously have other ideas. But after Brian forcibly enters Ashley’s apartment, the two strangers get the rare opportunity to scare each other straight—on their own terms. Brian …

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