Movie Review: The holiday horror of Krampus isn’t naughty enough

Neither particularly frightening nor especially funny, the Yuletide horror-comedy Krampus scrapes by on the novelty of its setup, in which an antagonistic Christmas movie of the Family Stone variety is hijacked by beasties straight out of a Full Moon entertainment. That might sound like foolproof fun, but the film has only one really good moment of anarchic nastiness: two preteen legs, jutting from the toothy maw of some elongated, oversized clown doll—a jack out of its box, gulping down children. Otherwise, this holiday-season fright flick never leaps far enough outside of its own box; the movie flirts with going full-on monster mash, with really cutting loose, but the mayhem is too little, too late.

Like a lot of films that come packaged as antidotes to seasonal cheer, Krampus is really a stealth Christmas carol, smuggling a pro-St. Nick message in the guise of counterprogramming for Scrooges. It’s a …

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