Movie Review: The Fundamentals Of Caring is a quirky trip to a familiar destination

Maybe it’s reading too deeply into Netflix’s The Fundamentals Of Caring to wonder whether the film’s initial attempts at a new kind of disability narrative eventually giving way to sentimentality are an attempt to mirror the personality of Trevor (Craig Roberts), a wheelchair-using teen who puts up a jaded front, but deep down is really just another sweaty-palmed teenage boy. Actually, that’s definitely reading too deeply into it, as The Fundamentals Of Caring is about as generic as indie dramedies come. (It even has ukulele on the soundtrack.) That doesn’t make it a bad movie—the cast all turn in convincing performances, and the dialogue is occasionally quite clever—but it doesn’t make it a memorable one either.

A tired-looking Paul Rudd stars as Ben, a failed novelist who takes a job as a caregiver after some initially ill-defined trauma in his personal life …

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