Movie Review: The faith-based biopic I’m Not Ashamed blames Columbine on Darwin

Rachel Scott, one of the 12 students killed in the Columbine shooting, was a devout Christian whose journals and other writings and drawings were published posthumously as an example of an inspirational story about living in faith. They’ve served as the foundation for Rachel’s Challenge, a Christian nonprofit that does presentations at schools, using her life as an inspiring example. There’s some doubt about whether Scott actually defiantly reaffirmed her faith just before being shot by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, but the Rachel’s Challenge organization has successfully used her story to make presentations to, by their count, 22 million people, preaching the virtues of non-controversial things like standing against bullying.

I’m Not Ashamed is the latest film from Christian films powerhouse PureFlix, and to some extent it serves as an extended infomercial for the nonprofit, but the title indicates the level of paranoia that …

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