Movie Review: The disturbing documentary Prophet’s Prey scrutinizes a polygamist community

Amy Berg’s documentary Prophet’s Prey is, in a way, the third part of her loose “exploitation of children” trilogy. Berg made a strong feature doc debut in 2006 with Deliver Us From Evil, an Oscar-nominated film about the cover-up of one Catholic priest’s serial sexual molestation. Earlier this year, she courted controversy with An Open Secret, alleging systemic abuse of child actors in Hollywood. (In between those two movies, Berg made the “West Memphis 3” overview West Of Memphis, which is thematically adjacent to the others, if not quite in line.) Her latest tells the story of Warren Jeffs, the imprisoned president of the Fundamentalist Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, a polygamist sect rooted in the original Mormon faith. Among Jeffs’ many wives were underage girls, whom he impregnated.

There are two main threads in Prophet’s Prey. The first has to do with the …

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