Movie Review: The director of No tackles the Catholic church’s dirtiest secret in The Club

About midway through Tom McCarthy’s award-winning newspaper drama Spotlight, one of the film’s crusading journalists makes a shocking discovery: Right down the block from where his children live and play is a rehab house for Catholic priests—a place, in other words, where disgraced clergymen lay low after the church finds out about their pedophiliac indiscretions. The moment is played for queasy dread, as this horrified father gapes in disbelief at a sanctuary for sexual predators, hidden in his own neighborhood. The Club, the new film by Chilean director Pablo Larraín (No, Post Mortem), effectively reverses that gaze: Here, our main characters are the fallen-from-grace holy men themselves, peeking out through tightly drawn curtains. But this is no sympathetic drama of absolution, no portrait of forgiveness sought by sinners. Larraín is after something trickier and harder to pin down; he asks us to share real estate …

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