Movie Review: The Curse Of Downers Grove wouldn’t hack it in the city

It’s not much of a surprise that American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis co-wrote The Curse Of Downers Grove, dealing, as it does, with the themes of toxic masculinity and extreme aggression and violence. But it would have been surprising that a respectable author like Ellis would allow himself to be associated with a piece of low-budget flotsam like this one—15 years ago, at least. Post-The Canyons, this appears to be Ellis’ new, second-rate normal.

The title makes The Curse Of Downers Grove sound like a supernatural horror movie, which it is not. The “curse” itself is addressed in the opening scenes of the film, and deals with a legend that one member of the graduating class of Downers Grove High School, located in the western suburbs of Chicago, must die before graduation every year. But that thread is lost early on, replaced by a sort of …

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