Movie Review: Table 19 is as exhausting as a real wedding reception

In the farthest corner of a wedding reception sit the undesirables: the Kepps, Bina (Lisa Kudrow) and Jerry (Craig Robinson), a passive-aggressive couple invited by the father of the groom; Jo (June Squibb), the elderly former nanny of the bride’s family, almost swallowed by her hot-pink cake hat; the bride’s creepy cousin Walter (Stephen Merchant), on parole for crimes unknown; Renzo (Tony Revolori), the sex-obsessed teenage son of a deceased family friend; and Eloise (Anna Kendrick), the ex-girlfriend of the best man, deposed from her original spot at the front by a new flame. Yes, it’s The Breakfast Club remade with adults, complete with secrets waiting to be spilled, a soundtrack of ’80s hits (performed by a tireless wedding band), and a pot-smoking interlude. Kendrick even has Molly Ringwald’s slightly open mouth, minus the full lips, and Revolori could pass for a dorkier Judd Nelson. And …

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