Movie Review: Subtitles can’t dispel the late-Sandler vibe of How To Be A Latin Lover

If there’s a widespread problem in modern American comedies, it’s that readiness to give up a good joke for some sorry excuse for a moral about family values, friendship, being yourself, yada yada yada. How To Be A Latin Lover is a typical example. The premise is funny enough: A Mexican resort-town gigolo seduces a rich, much older American widow, only to find himself still living with her 25 years later. Puttering around on a gold-plated hoverboard (carried up and down the grand staircases by a maid), the paunchy, middle-aged boy toy Maximo (Eugenio Derbez) has resigned himself to a life of pampered boredom. He wakes up every morning to check his elderly sugar mama’s breathing with a mirror he keeps on the nightstand and leaves the mansion only for shopping trips and lunch dates with his only friend, Rick (Rob Lowe), a fellow trophy husband. But …

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