Movie Review: Stylish and slight, Amnesiac leaves a faint impression

Amnesiac is small film, apparently by design. Directed by indie veteran Michael Polish (The Astronaut Farmer, Twin Falls, Idaho) and starring Kate Bosworth (who also happens to be Polish’s wife), the film uses minimal locations, minimal cast, and minimal blood for a story that, in another director’s hands, could play like Grand Guignol. But this sense of restraint—which, combined with some stylish choices on Polish’s part, can be quite elegant—is also what makes it largely forgettable.

Perhaps if the story were startlingly original, or even an exceptionally clever twist on a conventional genre tale, Amnesiac would be a superior thriller. That’s not to say it’s dumb. It’s just conventional, a more muted take on captivity stories in the Misery vein. After a clearly ominous opening scene, an unnamed man (Wes Bentley) wakes up in bed with no memory of who or where …

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