Movie Review: Stations Of The Cross is a passion play that puts fundamentalism on blast

It doesn’t take a religious scholar to recognize that the first shot of Stations Of The Cross has been framed to vaguely resemble Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Vaguely, because there are seven figures instead of a baker’s dozen, and some of them are facing inward instead of outward. But the familiar arrangement and nature of the imagery—disciplines gathered around a holy man at a table—is unmistakable. The holy man, in this case, is a Catholic priest delivering his final lesson to a group of young students on the brink of confirmation. As it will quickly become clear, however, he is not the Christ figure in the room, despite his prominent placement at the center of the table and frame. That role belongs instead to the pale, quiet girl sitting to his right, intently absorbing his stern parting lecture on her responsibility to the …

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