Movie Review: Star Wars knockoff Spark: A Space Tail is about as inspired as its dopey title

To be fair to the computer-animated kids’ flick Spark: A Space Tail, George Lucas lifted elements of everything from Flash Gordon serials to Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey when he was writing Star Wars. But Lucas had the sense to be subtle about it. This South Korean-Canadian co-production, meanwhile, takes no such precautions, telling the tale of a restless teenager dreaming for adventure outside of the desolate space backwater where he grew up who discovers that he’s part of a lost royal lineage that must be reclaimed from a power-hungry relative in possession of a weapon with the power to annihilate entire planets at will. He even has a clunky speeder made of scrap metal he rides around on while brooding about his fate, like a simian Anakin Skywalker. Yes, the main character is a monkey. So that’s different, at least.

Said monkey, Spark (Jace Norman), is …

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