Movie Review: Song To Song resonates a little louder than Terrence Malick’s last few reveries

In a way it’s brave, Terrence Malick’s recent decision to make himself less scarce. For nearly four decades, Malick films were rare and elusive events that only appeared on the horizon after five, eight, or even 20 years of waiting. But starting with his masterful The Tree Of Life (2011), Malick has increased his filmography by roughly 100 percent over the course of just six years. This requires a different sort of patience from his audience—a willingness to indulge repeated, rather than occasional, trips to his seemingly infinite well of straight-faced spiritual mopes.

With Song To Song, Malick completes a trilogy of experimental B-sides to Life‘s daunting A-side—that is, unless he makes six or seven more of these things in the years to come. As with To The Wonder and Knight Of Cups, that possibility sounds almost enticing in the intoxicating opening moments, reintroducing his …

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