Movie Review: Simon Pegg can’t bring humanity to the hit man nonsense of Kill Me Three Times

There’s no real reason for a hit man to dress in an all-black ensemble. The clothes don’t help him blend in with his surroundings, especially when said hit man works in sun-kissed coastal Australia and carries a gigantic and unmissable sniper rifle, which eliminates the need for much face-to-face intimidation anyway. Black-on-black clothing only functions as a statement: I am a cool professional hit man in a movie. Kill Me Three Times, the latest movie to indulge this cliché, doesn’t even trust its own visual shorthand, forcing Simon Pegg, playing the hit man in question, to refer to himself as a “professional,” like so many professional hit men in movies before him.

Pegg’s hit man spends much of Kill Me Three Times lurking on the sidelines, watching from a safe distance as a dentist (Sullivan Stapleton) and his wife (Teresa Palmer) plot to kidnap Alice (Alice …

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