Movie Review: Sensitive direction lifts I Believe In Unicorns above its clichéd indie elements

There’s no doubt that I Believe In Unicorns, the feature debut of Film Fatales founder Leah Meyerhoff, is deeply felt, possibly even autobiographical. If anything, Meyerhoff’s delicately sketched portrait of troubled young love is sensitive to a fault, riding the line between subtle and slight and occasionally lapsing into inconsequence during an unfocused middle section. But that same sensitivity gives the film a haunting quality, as our heroine’s fragile naiveté is crushed by weighty emotional consequences in the final act.

Sad-eyed brunette Natalia Dyer stars as Davina, a shy 16-year-old girl whose life is dominated by her best friend Cassidy (Julia Garner) and her mother, Toni (played by Toni Meyerhoff, the director’s mother), who has multiple sclerosis and requires constant care. Sterling (Peter Vack), an older bad-boy type who Davina first spots skateboarding in the park, is a welcome distraction, and the two bond over the …

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