Movie Review: Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle Veronika Decides To Die should have stayed dead

Pity poor Veronika Deklava (Sarah Michelle Gellar)—stuck in a soul-sapping Manhattan financial job, no personal life to speak of, morbidly depressed every hour of the day. She’d like to permanently check out of the rat race, so one particularly awful evening, it’s a handful of pills with a bottle-of-whiskey chaser. She awakes at an upstate New York mental hospital, where creepily soft-spoken psychiatrist Dr. Blake (David Thewlis) informs her that her botched suicide attempt caused an aneurysm in her heart. At best, she has a week to live, so she might as well spend the time in a crazy house populated with a bug-eyed cuckoo roommate (Erika Christensen, proving once again how she was robbed of an Oscar for Swimfan), a mute hunk (Jonathan Tucker) with a tragic past, and a mysteriously reserved woman (Melissa Leo) with her eyes on Thewlis’ prize.

Emily Young’s laughable adaptation …

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