Movie Review: Per its title, Misconduct totally wastes Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins

Twenty years ago, if Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins had signed on to co-star in a legal thriller, it would’ve been one of the major events of the movie year: a likely box-office hit, and maybe even an awards contender. In the decades since, Pacino and Hopkins have lost a lot of clout. Some of that’s just part of the natural cycle of stardom, where older actors give way to the young. Some of it has to do with the career choices the two men have made since their Oscar-winning heydays, as they’ve taken so many nondescript gigs, they’ve tarnished their brand. But there may be something else afoot. In the American movie business in the 2010s, the old star system has been co-opted by financial planners.

Just look at the cast surrounding Pacino and Hopkins in Misconduct. The real lead is TV actor Josh Duhamel …

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