Movie Review: Owen Wilson flees a coup in the incoherent No Escape

Despite its illegible chase scenes, awkward slow-motion shots, and fumbling attempts at political commentary, No Escape manages to be intermittently interesting, thanks to an off-beat supporting turn from Pierce Brosnan and the intrinsic curiosity factor of watching a film mishandle an inspired premise. Directed and co-written by B-horror journeyman John Erick Dowdle (Devil; As Above, So Below), the film stars Owen Wilson as Jack Dwyer, an American civil engineer who relocates with his family to an unnamed Southeast Asian country, only to have a coup topple the ruling military dictatorship on their first night there.

Said coup was motivated by the government’s corrupt ties with Western multinationals, which includes Jack’s new bosses at a water-pump company called Cardiff, whose welcome banner—bearing an unflattering photo of Jack and the other new hires—hangs ominously in the lobby of the Imperial Lotus hotel. Come morning, Jack, his wife Annie …

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