Movie Review: Only the most bitter nihilists will think Trash Fire is funny

Calling your movie Trash Fire is a bold move. Not only does it practically dare critics to write snarky headlines, it lets any and all potential viewers know that this thing is probably not going to be very fun to watch. And while it doesn’t include any literal blazing piles of garbage, Trash Fire is spiteful and unpleasant from beginning to end, using every technique at its disposal—from stinging dialogue to grotesque prosthetics to morbid black comedy—to make the audience uncomfortable. But if you find hateful people spewing venom at one another punctuated by random acts of violence amusing, then buckle up, you sick fuck. We’re about to go on a ride.

Entourage‘s Adrian Grenier stars as Owen, a condescending alcoholic whose periodic seizures seem to be the only reason his equally miserable girlfriend Isabel (Angela Trimbur) stays with him. After an opening scene where …

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