Movie Review: Nic Cage is still haunted by better movies in Pay The Ghost

At the outset of Pay The Ghost, young Charlie (Jack Fulton) is scared of what he sees lurking just outside his bedroom window, and responds, as children in horror movies do, by making a creepy drawing of the shadowy figure. But Charlie should really be more frightened that his dad is played by Nicolas Cage, which at this particular point in time automatically exposes him to all manners of low-rent peril. Making matters worse, Mike Lawford (Cage) is an English professor who seems to specialize in the literature of creepy portent. It can’t surprise anyone that when Mike takes his son to a street fair on Halloween night, Charlie disappears into thin air—though Kristen (Sarah Wayne Callies), Charlie’s mom and Mike’s wife, still gets pretty pissed about it. A year later, the now-estranged couple reunites when Mike starts getting visions of his lost son, soon becoming …

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