Movie Review: Nic Cage goes after Bin Laden in the fitfully funny Army Of One

Well before he starred in a series of low-rent DTV thrillers and memes, Nicolas Cage, now smugly considered an icon of unintentional comedy by so many, used to make mainstream studio comedies pretty regularly. The early ’90s in particular saw a spate of innocuous Cage yukfests (Honeymoon In Vegas, Guarding Tess, Trapped In Paradise), and Army Of One is arguably his first broad comedy since those days, considering the darkness and anguish that run through the likes of Adaptation or The Weather Man. Even this return to outright wackiness finds Cage pretty far afield from his ’90s rom-coms, as he plays real-life crackpot Gary Faulkner, a Colorado man who in the years following 9/11 set off for Pakistan intending to accomplish what the U.S. government couldn’t: capture Osama Bin Laden.

Faulkner’s story has been adapted by director Larry Charles, whose experience directing Sacha Baron Cohen comedies …

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