Movie Review: Matthew McConaughey becomes both a rich and a poor man in Gold

The Weinstein Company’s exploration of outrĂ© business practices continues with Gold, which, like its sibling in commerce The Founder, is receiving an awards-qualifying Los Angeles run ahead of a wide release in January. Comparison between the two films isn’t entirely fair; Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey) is less famous than McDonald’s wheeler-dealer Ray Kroc, in large part because he is made up. Gold is based on a true mining-company story from Canada in the mid-’90s, which has been transposed to the United States in 1988, with an apparently fictionalized cast of characters. It’s just as well: While it’s not quite a signature McConaughey role, after watching Wells for a couple of hours, it’s hard to picture anyone else animating him, on screen or in real life.

The movie includes narration, as so many Weinstein-produced films do, but McConaughey makes the exposition dump sound weirder …

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