Movie Review: Maggie is not what anyone would expect from a Schwarzenegger zombie movie

The words “Arnold Schwarzenegger zombie movie” create certain expectations. Maggie, the glum new indie that technically fits that description, meets almost none of them. For starters, where are the zombies? Though set in a world where a virus has turned a portion of the population into flesh-eating fiends, the film features only a few rotting stragglers. When the ghouls do shamble into frame, moaning for their next meal, it’s Arnold, naturally, who sends them falling out of it. But he does so not with a glib one-liner but a heavy heart, during scenes too short, simple, and somber to be called set pieces. This Arnold—bearded, weary, finally looking and acting his age—regards his trusty shotgun with dread. He spends most of his screen-time praying he’ll somehow not have to use it.

Schwarzenegger, in what may well be his most downbeat performance ever, stars as Wade, a …

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