Movie Review: Lambert & Stamp is a glossy, spotty piece of rock history

Like a Mojo article in movie form, Lambert & Stamp frames a piece of classic rock trivia—the story of Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, managers of The Who—in a glossy, all-access style. Packed with rare footage from the band’s early years, and narrated through present-day sit-down interviews, it’s pop oral history at its most formless and fannish: fixated on juicy tidbits, points of influences, and historical cameos, and sorely lacking a point of view.

Which isn’t to say that Lambert and Stamp aren’t genuinely compelling characters. Lambert was gay, highbrow, and Oxford-educated; Stamp, younger brother of actor Terence Stamp, was a working-class mod who’d gotten into the arts as a way to meet girls. Both aspiring filmmakers, they met as assistant directors at Shepperton Studios, and hit it right off. Angling for a subject for their first movie, they came up with the …

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