Movie Review: Kristen Wiig puts SNL weirdness in a serious context with Welcome To Me

Like most actors who make their name on Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wiig started out in movies doing broadly comedic roles not far removed from the characters she played on the show. And like many such actors, she subsequently demonstrated that she could make the transition to more dramatic fare, with results both impressive (The Skeleton Twins) and not-so-impressive (Hateship Loveship). There’s no precedent, however, for her latest picture, Welcome To Me, which combines those two modes in a way that can only be described as utterly bizarre. At its core, it’s a serious drama in which Wiig plays someone every bit as demented as Gilly or Penelope (the closest equivalent, for those who recall the Digital Shorts, is actually Virgania Horsen), who’s behaving that way in a real-world context because she’s mentally ill. The bold, arresting movie doesn’t really work, but is nonetheless almost …

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