Movie Review: Killing Ground is an especially brutal reminder to stay out of the woods

If, for some reason, decades’ worth of horror movies on the subject have yet to convince you that going out into an isolated area with no cellphone service alone and unarmed is a recipe for brutal murder, Australian writer-director Damien Power’s Killing Ground might be the deciding factor. Power’s guiding principle for the film seems to be realism, lighting it with flat, bright sunlight—no indie-movie blue and orange here—and shooting it with shaky handheld camerawork. He aims for realism in the film’s violence, too, depicting brutal assaults on men, women, and children (but especially women and children) with an unsettlingly impassive eye.

With all that in mind, it’s surprising that Power would opt for a fractured timeline with three different, overlapping narrative threads. But he did, in an ambitious move that turns out to be the film’s fatal flaw. We open with Sam …

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