Movie Review: Kiefer and Donald Sutherland join up in the by-the-numbers oater Forsaken

Kiefer Sutherland has been working as an actor since he was a teenager—his first appearance was in Max Dugan Returns, way back in 1983—yet he had never, until now, co-starred in a movie with his father. The two could have chosen a stronger debut family vehicle than Forsaken, a throwback Western that aims for tradition, but winds up embracing cliché. There’s the celebrated gunslinger (Kiefer) who’s trying to reform but gets dragged back into violent action against his will; the unscrupulous land baron (Brian Cox) preparing for a coming railroad by buying up every plot in town, and murdering those who refuse to sell; the villainous dandy (Michael Wincott) with a preference for velvet-tinged intimidation; the abandoned sweetheart (Demi Moore) who’s now married to another man but still clearly in love with our hero; etc. An opportunity to see the Sutherlands onscreen together—with Donald …

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