Movie Review: Jenny’s Wedding would’ve been the hippest gay-themed indie of 1995

If the gay-marriage melodrama Jenny’s Wedding had come out (so to speak) 20 years ago, it might provoke a queasy, quasi-nostalgic fascination today. Hey, remember the ’90s, when just about every gay-themed indie that escaped the festival circuit was a “telling the family” story? And remember when any star-driven movie that dealt with homosexuality was tentative and giggly? Writer-director-producer Mary Agnes Donoghue’s new film is a curious hybrid of those two trends, which both duly died out as times changed. It’s not that there’s universal tolerance of homosexual relationships in the United States today, and it’s not that some families aren’t still evolving at different rates on the issue of same-sex marriage. But Jenny’s Wedding proceeds as though there hasn’t been decades of popular culture—wildly popular popular culture—about the LGBT community’s intersections with the straight world. This is a …

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