Movie Review: Jenny Slate picks up Landline, a warm family comedy from the director of Obvious Child

Landline is set in 1995. The movie announces as much from the start, but it doesn’t really need to, because scarcely a scene passes without some reminder of this fact. There are, as one might expect, several landline telephones. A younger Hillary Clinton shows up on television, sadly unaware of what the audience knows about her future. Characters discuss Mad About You, rent movies at Blockbuster Video, and crack jokes about Lorena Bobbitt. At one point, someone puts on P.J. Harvey. At another, someone listens to a CD at one of those record-store headphone stations. Not every detail is 100-percent accurate: A scene at an arthouse movie theater, for example, includes a poster for Chungking Express, but the artwork is from the mid-2000s Criterion release. Yes, that’s a nitpick, but any movie this obsessed with its near-past setting should at least get the period signifiers right.

There …

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