Movie Review: Jake Johnson and Joe Swanberg go clean in the gambling drama Win It All

Movies about gamblers are fun. Movies about reformed gamblers, on the other hand, tend to put the viewer in the uncomfortable position of rooting for the protagonist to relapse. That’s the challenge taken up by Joe Swanberg and Jake Johnson—who previously collaborated on Drinking Buddies and Digging For Fire—in their latest joint effort, Win It All. Can they sustain viewer interest in a story about a literal loser who’s making a sincere, committed effort to overcome his gambling addiction and straighten out his life? Not really, as it turns out, but there’s enough disreputable behavior bookending the righteousness, and enough solid jokes along the way, to make the effort moderately entertaining.

Johnson doesn’t deviate much from his winningly hangdog New Girl persona as Eddie, who’s first seen getting cleaned out in a backroom poker game. (The film is set in Chicago, which is …

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