Movie Review: It’s teachers versus zombie students in the horror comedy Cooties

Particularly for childless adults, children can seem like monsters, depraved little creatures of bottomless need and want unregulated by civility and concern for social niceties. The glib new horror comedy Cooties cleverly transforms kids from symbolic monsters into literal ones after a weird poultry-derived malady causes innocent school children to devolve into mindless zombies desperate to consume human flesh. It might seem like every possible permutation of zombie movie has been made already (as if to underline just how zombie-crazed pop-culture has become, there was recently a film called Zombeavers), but Cooties adds a new element of inter-generational combat to this appropriately deathless and increasingly massive subsection of the horror-movie world.

But before Cooties is a zombie movie, it is an earnest-young-teacher movie that diligently subscribes to every cliché of the form. Elijah Wood, who many years ago visited this terrain from an opposite angle in The Faculty, now plays …

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