Movie Review: It would take a time machine to fix the problems with Project Almanac

What would you do if you had a time machine? For the coveted teenage demographic of Project Almanac, the answer probably isn’t radically different from how the film’s high school heroes exploit their newfound power. Discovering some mysterious blueprints tucked away in his basement, MIT-bound David (Jonny Weston) unlocks the secret to “temporal dislocation.” Soon, he and his friends are using the proverbial Second Chance Machine to give their humdrum lives a boost—passing exams they’ve already failed, getting revenge on the mean girls, winning the lottery. “It’s not Woodstock, but it’ll do,” David tells his crush, Jessie (Sofia Black D’Elia), as they leap backwards to the previous summer’s Lollapalooza. Why kill Hitler (“Time Travel 101,” as the dream girl puts it) when you can see Imagine Dragons live in concert?

Project Almanac has experienced some temporal dislocation of its own. The found-footage …

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