Movie Review: Horror master Kiyoshi Kurosawa finds evil next door in Creepy

When it comes to the films of Japanese writer-director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, the most apt comparisons have long been Fritz Lang and David Lynch, even though neither speaks to how his movies actually look. Like the former, he draws on a fascination with evil (one can imagine Lang’s masterpieces M and The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse remade as Kurosawa movies), and like the latter, he merges the macabre and the everyday in a way that unsettles feelings about both. In his films—which include Cure and Pulse, both classics of modern horror that rank among this publication’s favorites—an eerie and unclassifiable atmosphere of mystery grows around familiar genres: the detective procedural, the domestic drama, the ghost story. These movies find a way into the cosmic and unknowable through pulp clichés (overworked cops, supercriminals, subterranean lairs, etc.) and apparent predictability. Their repetitions become more mysterious with every occurrence, and …

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