Movie Review: Hitman: Agent 47 can’t even justify its existence

Skip Woods must truly believe in the cinematic potential of the video game Hitman. Usually, a do-over like Hitman: Agent 47—the kind of soft reboot that seems more like a recast DTV sequel—recruits new filmmakers to set a would-be franchise on a different course. But Woods, the sole credited screenwriter on 2007’s Hitman, rematerializes in the credits of Agent 47, receiving story and co-writing credits despite having worked on the earlier, ill-received version. It’s hard to tell whether this means Fox repurposed a sequel draft or actually re-upped with Woods for the new version, but regardless, the studio taking another shot at Hitman does make sense, at least on paper. It’s a world of ruthless, superhuman, globetrotting assassins and it seems like good material for a B-movie.

Unfortunately, all of its materials feel utterly and depressingly synthetic, right down to the most basic ingredients of …

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