Movie Review: Ghosts, religion, and quirky mental illness blend poorly in Walter

Throughout Walter, the title character (Andrew J. West), who believes that he decides whether each living person in the world will go to heaven or hell, is haunted by a ghost named Greg (Justin Kirk). Greg sardonically presses Walter for a judgment after the fact, and at one point late in the film, Walter tries to run away from him. Greg warns that it’s a pointless exercise to run away from a ghost, which seems consistent with the movie’s depiction of ghost behavior to this point. But the movie shows Greg running after Walter anyway, in apparent belief that—logic aside—there’s emotional catharsis in a slow-motion foot chase scored to the surging strains of imitation Mumford & Sons.

This mismatch of quirk and emotion brings to mind a question raised by Walter’s therapist (William H. Macy) earlier in the movie: “What kind of crazy are …

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