Movie Review: From the writers of God’s Not Dead comes the ludicrous soap opera Do You Believe?

A kind of Magnolia for conservative evangelicals who prefer their movies to look like network dramas, Do You Believe? juggles two dozen parallel and intersecting lives, climaxing in a rain-slicked multi-car crash that happens simultaneously with a backseat birth and two deathbed scenes, with one of the deceased immediately brought back to life and cured of cancer via miracle. (There is also a shoot-out and an explosion.) Characters include: a saintly ex-con; a homeless mother and daughter who live in a vintage-car-show-quality 1977 AMC Gremlin; gangbangers named Kriminal (presumably not an homage to the Italian comics character), Li’l B (presumably not an homage to the cult rapper), and Nefarious; and a smug atheist whose lack of Christian values prevents him from understanding why people would care for strangers, despite the fact that he is also an ER doctor.

Set in Chicago, but very clearly shot in a small town …

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