Movie Review: From the believers behind God’s Not Dead comes a slightly less preachy Case For Christ

“You’re cheating on me—with Jesus!” exclaims Lee Strobel (Mike Vogel) when wife Leslie (Erika Christensen) shares her newfound faith with him. The Case For Christ adapts Strobel’s book of the same name for Pure Flix’s first real leap into period production (their Columbine film, I’m Not Ashamed, didn’t exactly sweat the set dressing). It’s the early ’80s, and hard-boiled Chicago Tribune reporter Strobel is a firm atheist. His daughter, Alison (Haley Rosenwasser), is saved from choking to death on a gumball by provident stranger/devout nurse Alfie (L. Scott Caldwell), who credits her not going to another restaurant that night to a feeling God gave her that she’d need to be on site. Lee isn’t convinced, but Leslie’s intrigued, and—a few church services later—she’s a full-on Christian convert. That’s too much for Lee, who sets out …

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