Movie Review: Filthy and fitfully funny, Rough Night is a bumpy ride

The thing that makes Comedy Central’s Broad City so successful is the specificity and relatability of its comedy. Fans feel like they really know the fictional Abbi and Ilana, creating a bit of an awkward situation for the real Ilana Glazer, as she recently revealed in an interview with Bustle. Well, for better or for worse, Glazer should have no such problems with people who have seen Rough Night, the debut feature-film outing for Broad City writer Lucia Aniello, who directs and shares screenwriting credit with her TV colleague Paul W. Downs. In the transition to mainstream, wide-release big-screen comedy, all the frankness of the writing team’s style has been preserved—enhanced, even. But the specificity has been replaced with cliché, and the relatability with broad caricature. The film has some laughs, to be sure. But it’s unlikely to inspire any BFF tattoos.

Any filmmaker would be …

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