Movie Review: Ethan Hawke broods endlessly through the anti-drone screed Good Kill

Hand him the right role or pair him with the right director and Ethan Hawke comes alive as an actor—radiating warmth and humor in a Richard Linklater joint, or bringing a relaxed wit to paycheck gigs that scarcely seem to demand it. (See: the surprisingly effective Sinister.) The trouble begins when this gaunt, intelligent star is charged with embodying someone lacking in levity, someone burdened with excessive malaise. His deadly seriousness can be deadly dull.

That’s one of the major problems with Good Kill, a righteous screed against drone warfare disguised as a character study. Hawke lowers his voice to a whisper and wipes that signature goofy grin off his face to play Thomas Egan, an Air Force veteran living and working in Las Vegas. Having survived six tours flying over Iraq and Afghanistan, Egan now serves his country from the safety and comfort of an “air-conditioned cubicle …

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