Movie Review: Emma Watson fights a losing battle with internet paranoia in The Circle

It’s no wonder that there haven’t been more internet-paranoia movies since the advent of Google, Facebook, and your grandparents being online. Online media are so well-integrated into much of American life that thriller-level intrigue over privacy settings and search histories may seem, to digital natives, like dire warnings about the dangers of automobiles or microwaves: maybe not outright nutty, but potentially hysterical. On top of which, especially dedicated internet users tend to get defensive about some mere movie maligning a newer, shinier medium. It’s hard to make a film that’s critical of digital technology without sounding like a square.

Photo: STX Entertainment

It’s this uphill battle that The Circle fights for a little while, then loses about halfway through. Adapted by filmmaker James Ponsoldt (The End Of The Tour; The Spectacular Now) and novelist Dave Eggers from the latter’s novel of the same name …

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