Movie Review: Documentary or fiction, the nonstop parties of All These Sleepless Nights grow tiresome

Early in the Polish quasi-documentary All These Sleepless Nights, the film’s young subject-protagonist, Krzysztof (Krzysztof Baginski), speaking in voice-over, recalls an anecdote he read somewhere about how much of our lives we spend doing certain things, were all of those moments sorted contiguously. Four days of the average person’s life is allegedly spent watching fireworks, for example, while eating potato chips takes up two weeks, and having sex occupies roughly seven months. (Cue forlorn protests that those last two stats should be reversed in one’s own case, based on the current trend line.) All These Sleepless Nights runs 103 minutes, so that’s apparently how much time a 20-ish male in Warsaw spends, over the course of a year or so, drifting aimlessly in the hours immediately preceding sunrise. It’s a film of nearly pure sensation: woozy, intoxicating, visually gorgeous… and maddeningly repetitive.

Part of the …

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