Movie Review: Do I Sound Gay?, asks the director of this brisk doc on the queer community

David Thorpe doesn’t like the way he sounds. Fresh out of a long-term relationship and quickly approaching midlife, this doubt-plagued gay Manhattanite thinks most of his problems stem from his voice. His self-consciousness is all consuming, and he decides to deal with it by making a movie (his first) about his personal struggles, as well as about larger issues of representation within the queer community.

It’s a serious topic, but the resulting documentary isn’t an especially severe sit. Do I Sound Gay? is a briskly entertaining 77 minutes, and frequently as mouthy as its title. Thorpe even recites the opening credits in the “nasally” voice that he’s had since coming out in college and which he desperately wants to change by any means necessary.

Is he making much ado out of nothing, though? The early scenes take a micro view, as Thorpe discusses his anxieties with …

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