Movie Review: Disney’s Tomorrowland realizes a bright future dreamt up in the past

Airborne automobiles zig and zag around spiral chrome towers. Hover rails, the latest in speedy mass transit, offer another route across this shiny cityscape, passing through looped, gravity-defying parks. Jetpacks are an everyday convenience. So too are rockets, sending the casual skygazer careening towards the cosmos. Tomorrowland, the utopian metropolis of Disney’s new tentpole fantasy, is less a vision of the future than a peak into the past—the space age that only a mid-century society, drunk on wonder and new advances in transportation, could have envisioned. The anachronism is very much by design: Positing that the only way to move forward may be to go back, Tomorrowland aches for an era when people were still hopeful about where the world might be headed. It’s nostalgic for a future that never happened.

This is one strange contraption of a movie, a $200 million exercise in corporate synergy that …

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