Movie Review: Dior And I is an entertaining glimpse behind the curtain of a fashion empire

Clothes make the man, so the saying goes. But does the reverse hold true? Read a synopsis of Frédéric Tcheng’s engrossing documentary and it might seem like it’s all about a single genius, clothing designer Raf Simons, hired to bring a fresh perspective to the Christian Dior fashion house. In execution, however, the film is about the many hands and heads that work together to realize Simons’ individual vision, which is itself beholden to the Dior brand.

Even fashionista neophytes have heard the name: Christian Dior founded his iconic clothing line in 1946, and it quickly grew to prominence. Though Dior himself died in 1957, the company has remained a leading light, and just as frequent target, of the luxury clothing industry. (One of Simons’ predecessors, John Galliano, was removed from his position in 2011 because of an anti-Semitic tirade caught on tape.)

Dior And I isn’t …

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