Movie Review: Despite its respected director, The Cobbler offers more noxious, lowbrow Adam Sandler

There are Adam Sandler movies, and then there are movies that happen to feature Adam Sandler. The former, the official kind, are the lowbrow star vehicles Sandler himself produces; they are directed—a term to be used as loosely as possible here—by guys like Frank Coraci and Dennis Dugan, and they often cast the SNL alum as some combination of sweet-natured everyman, short-tempered slob, and baby-talking simpleton. Movies that simply feature Adam Sandler, on the other hand, run a much wider spectrum—riffing on his star persona, as Punch-Drunk Love and Funny People do, or wedging him uncomfortably into dramatic roles, like the ones he occupies in Reign Over Me or last year’s Men, Women & Children. On a whole, the movies featuring Adam Sandler tend to be better than the Adam Sandler movies, if only by virtue of not being directed by Frank Coraci or Dennis Dugan …

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