Movie Review: Daisy Ridley narrates the uplifting adventures of The Eagle Huntress

After Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, a controversy erupted over whether Daisy Ridley’s Rey was a “Mary Sue.” It was a largely sexist critique that branded the scavenger unrealistic because she was too talented too quickly. Those who registered that complaint might be surprised to learn that the documentary The Eagle Huntress chronicles a real-life heroine who easily masters her own Force-like skill without much strain. Her name is Aisholpan Nurgaiv, and she’s a Kazakh teenager who defies gender roles by becoming an eagle hunter. Powerful, driven, and gifted, she’s the kind of young woman who doesn’t flinch when a massive bird of prey swoops down to land on her outstretched arm. Director Otto Bell has found himself in awe-inspiring territory. Aisholpan is a remarkable person interacting with majestic creatures, surrounded by staggering natural beauty. It’s easy to become entranced.

If the Rey …

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