Movie Review: Daddy’s Home doesn’t get enough laughs out of its Ferrell/Wahlberg reunion

Will Ferrell has made some good comedies not directed by his longtime collaborator Adam McKay, but McKay has been at the helm for almost all of his best film work. With his comedic soulmate branching out into less goofy territory with The Big Short, Ferrell’s 2015 comedies have offered a glimpse at what his career might look like with higher concepts and lower executions—the kinds of vehicles he’s often been able to avoid (or transcend) in the past. McKay and other cohorts like writer-producer Chris Henchy still turn up in the credits for Get Hard and Daddy’s Home, but not as the primary creative drivers of the project.

This gives a movie like Daddy’s Home the peculiar feeling of an in-house knockoff: It re-teams Ferrell with his Other Guys costar Mark Wahlberg in a domestic-comedy situation not terribly removed from Step Brothers, in theory if …

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