Movie Review: Creepy-kid flick Hellions gets dragged down by its own eerie imagery

Plot seems to be a secondary consideration in Hellions, the latest feature from Pontypool helmer Bruce McDonald. In a horror movie—a genre that necessarily deals in the visceral and the occult—this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Plenty of striking, clever, effective movies have been made simply by re-arranging and re-calibrating familiar genre elements. Hellions might have been one of these, if it was predicated on something slightly less shallow than “kids in masks + chanting + blood = scary.”

McDonald returns to the rural Canadian milieu of his 2008 zombie movie for the story of Dora Vogel (Degrassi: The Next Generation‘s Chloe Rose), a high-school senior who finds out she’s pregnant hours before the festivities are set to begin in her unnamed, apparently Halloween-crazed town. Shaken by the news, Dora returns home, where she engages in some cool-teen moping—eating pickles out of the jar, telling her mom …

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