Movie Review: Cobie Smulders copes with an Unexpected pregnancy in this very mild indie

Though she’s not nearly as prolific as her husband, Joe (who has directed 17 features over the past 10 years), Kris Swanberg has been working in indie film for just as long, mostly as an actor and screenwriter. (She also ran an artisanal ice-cream business for a while, which led some people to speculate that she was the inspiration for Amanda Seyfried’s character in While We’re Young, though Noah Baumbach has denied it.) Anyone anticipating the sort of nervy, uninhibited, aggressively uncommercial work that the Swanbergs used to produce, however, is likely to be disappointed by Kris’ Unexpected, which goes even further in the direction of mainstream accessibility than did Joe’s recent films Drinking Buddies and Happy Christmas. Its innocuous take on pregnancy is its most substantial flaw, with most of the drama arising from such matters as a job offer that conflicts with a due …

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